Thursday, June 03, 2010

Early Summer Funny

Get a jump on some funny stuff this summer. Chinese food is always a hit. And you can't eat chinese food without having a fortune cookie afterward. Use these links to visit some fun.
fortune cookie humor

Funny Fortune Cookies

Funny Fortune Cookie Pic

Want more funny photos?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Funny Winter Humor

Santa Goes South is an interesting take on old Chris Kringle.

Snowboard Fail Slide shows a painful, yet funny snowboarding incident.

Snowboarding Turkey video seems like it can hardly be real, but must be legit, because perhaps the only thing stranger than making a video of a turkey on a snowboard would be fabricating a video to seem like a turkey is riding a snowboard when it is not really true.

Ducks Can't Ski, and this funny photo is proof of that!

If you are sick of checking out all this winter humor, with the cold and snow, try checking out something seriously tropical, like these palapas.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School Humor

Back to school time is at hand. To clear out the cobwebs that have piled up during a summer away from the books, check out these clever, smart, and entertaining clips.

The Perils of Studying too Hard: MATH

Chemical Party: A Fun Chemistry Lesson

Electrical Derby

Nuclear Weapons Transparency

Knight vs. Knight: TI-86 Calculator Animation

Hopefully these video clips get the brain juices going. Best of luck with the start of a new academic calendar!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Funny Photos for Tax Relief

The tax deadline is at hand. Just a matter of minutes left for you to file an extension or file a return. Whether you just finished your taxes or you have had them done for a while, or you have the luxury of not having to file, you should kick back and enjoy these funny photos!

Funny photos courtesy of Generally Awesome and the internet!  Check out these funny pics for a good laugh

Abercrombie Offers '50% More Homoeroticism Free!'

In conclusion, if your taxes have left you feeling like you with you had more money, maybe it's time to go to business school

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Snowboard & Skateboard Videos

Skateboard and Snowboard Videos

Generally Awesome's first film effort was a snowboarding video. As you can see for yourself this effort was a very humble one. But it did feed an ongoing interest in short film and entertaining internet video clips. At the time that Board Stiff was filmed in 2004 there was very little video on the internet. Pretty amazing how things can change so much in just 4 years. Now thanks to the video sharing revolution there are tons and tons of videos online, all with varying degrees of quality.

Generally Awesome has continued to make short films and has learned and evolved along with the genre of short clips. We have learned (by trial and error) that the best videos follow simple rules. Here are some tips:

  1. Edit, Edit, Edit! Boil the video down to the best parts.
  2. Background music spices things up!
  3. A collection of medeocre moments can't stack up to one awesome moment.
  4. Showing a little advanced editing and camera work goes a long ways.

As you can see, Generally Awesome was not a video pro from day one, as no one can expect to be. Watch and learn. Below are some cool skateboarding and snowboarding clips that display some of the ideas above.

Skateboard Time Twister

Invisible Skateboards

Skateboard Video Effects

Apples & Oranges (Snowboard Video)

Skateboarding Videos

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Funny Cat Pictures

So, the whole LOL cat thing is a little out of control. Some of those darn things are pretty cute. Some are just hilarious. I am not sure that I can whole heartedly endorse intentional mispellings if for no other reason than there are children who view those things and could pick up bad spelling habits.

Having said that, the funny cats are definately still a good idea. So without further ado here are some pictures of funny cats, and some links to see more photos of funny cats.

Hilarious skiing cat picture done in photoshop by some of the guys over at Generally Awesome

Hilarious skiing cat picture done in photoshop by some of the guys over at Generally Awesome

More Funny Cat Links:

7-Eleven Cat

World's Fattest Cat

Cat's Got an Itch

Kona and Hilo: Two Cool Cats

Vets Puzzled by Hat in the Cat

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Monday, February 04, 2008

What's New With Generally Awesome?

Well, if you are on the blog, but have not been over the home page, then you should head over there are see the huge facelift. (If you don't remember the old look, then click here). In the past we publish the fake news article right on the front page. This was cool at first when there was an update almost every week. But as we expanded into other features, the fake news article became almost monthly. So to keep things fresh we have made some automated content features. Every time the front page loads the content will refresh with something from a database. Right now the database mainly has videos, so bear with us as we add in your favorite fake news headlines, funny photos, etc.

Another thing to note is that we killed the forum. If you did not ever visit it, then you did not miss anything. If you did visit it recently then we apologize for all the nasty junk and other gross stuff that got posted by spammers. Our team is too small to police a forum, and it never caught on anyway, so we ditched it. Maybe in the future we will take our lessons from the old message board experience and apply that in the future on a better one. For now, we think our engery is better spent elsewhere. If you were offended by any of the garbage that accumulated on the old forum in its dying days, we apologize deeply to you.

The RSS feed is alive again. We were not updating it for a while there (1 year +). We have made it a priority and intend to keep it up to date, so go ahead and visit the frontm page of generally awesome and subscribe!